DeZURIK’s APCO SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve and Pump & Control Valve Interface

APCO SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve and Pump & Control Valve Interface

The APCO SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve with integrated swing check and electric motor operator combines the functionality of a full-featured pump control valve with the best features of APCO’s CVS-6000 swing check valve. It is the valve you need when you want to control pressure surge during pump startup and shutdown, and close when the pump stops - even during a power outage.

The DeZURIK Pump & Control Valve Interface provides control between the pump and pump control valve to minimize pressure surges in the system when the pump starts and stops. The pre-programmed controller properly sequences and controls the pump and pump control valve start-up and shut-down procedure, thereby protecting the pumping system from damage due to mechanical, hydraulic or power failure.

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