Learn how to deal with abrasive and corrosive environments for the best drive operation.
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3:00 p.m. Eastern (19:00 GMT)

You control a lot of things about your operations — costs, labor, production — but it’s a lot harder to control your environment. Inside the plant, it can be dusty and hot, or cold and wet, while outside there’s salt-laden air, ice storms, chemical impurities or the sun’s unrelenting heat to contend with.

For your drives, these conditions can be particularly challenging. Drives contain electrical elements that are susceptible to extreme temperatures, moisture and air contaminants. They require specific operating conditions to perform reliably.

Attendees will learn how to deal with those abrasive and corrosive environments for the best drive operation.

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Mark Harshman
Mark Harshman
Director of Technical Business Development

Mark Harshman is director of technical business development at Siemens. He currently leads a system engineering team supporting customer applications and developing new opportunities using medium voltage drives. He is a graduate of Purdue University and has worked in the power industry for the last 25 years managing various engineering application and R&D groups. He has published numerous papers and holds several patents.



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