Learn which equipment to target, what information to collect and how to use it effectively
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1:00 p.m. Eastern

A recent poll by Pumps & Systems showed that maintenance and energy efficiency are by far the top two concerns of plant managers and process engineers. Unplanned repairs can be 10 times as costly as scheduled maintenance—but if plants spend too much time and effort to avoid them, the costs can outweigh the benefits. 

Dan Kernan, Manager of Monitoring and Control for ITT Industrial Process, will explain how organizations can optimize their maintenance programs to mitigate risks and minimize costs. He will describe best practices for implementing a variety of pump maintenance strategies—including which equipment to target, what information to collect and how to use it effectively.

Supported by case studies from multiple industries, Kernan will give attendees actionable advice that they can use to understand and improve the bottom-line benefits of their total investment in pumping systems.


Who should view the playback

  • Plant Managers
  • Engineering/Maintenance Managers
  • Production/Maintenance Supervisors
  • Maintenance/Reliability Engineers
  • Purchasing/Accounting/Finance Managers

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Dan Kernan
Manager of Monitoring & Control
ITT Industrial Process

Dan Kernan has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Rochester and has spent the last decade integrating technologies–such as power electronics, embedded sensors and wireless systems with rotating equipment to improve equipment reliability and reduce energy. Kernan and his team have helped numerous customers in multiple industries implement pumping systems and pump control solutions. He holds three patents or patents pending in technology related to improving pump reliability.

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