A 60 Minute Free Training:
The system approach as applied to the design of a wastewater lift station

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The wastewater lift station is an apparatus that the normal person passes by with little thought; in fact, most do not even know the function of that small pad with the boxes and the pipe sticking up. Yet the lift station faithfully collects sewage in a basin and transports it to another location for treatment. This simple concept is achieved with a vast array of equipment that is designed work in a complex municipal infrastructure.

The systems approach is a philosophy that involves the detailed analysis of a need, the development of a specification and the selection of equipment; all designed in a manner so that the components will operate effectively and efficiently in concert with each other.

Our webinar introduces the concept of the system approach as applied to the design of a small circular wastewater lift station. The tools for proper sizing of simple single pump stations and complex manifolded pumping systems are presented. Finally will walk you through an example of a common lift station project, including decisions and calculations that must be made for a successful design.