RDI Technologies Utilizing Motion Amplification to Discover the Root Cause of Vibration Webinar
Learn how to properly mitigate looseness issues through case studies detailing before and after corrective action.
Sponsored by: RDI Technologies


Thursday, March 31, 2022


12:00 p.m. Central (17:00 GMT)

Mechanical looseness in manufacturing facilities is pervasive and often undetected. In many instances, looseness is not properly identified as the root cause of high vibration. What is certain is that it is destructive and leads to premature failure of equipment. During this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how to locate looseness issues and identify it as the root cause of equipment issues. Further, we will discuss how to properly mitigate these looseness issues through case studies detailing before and after corrective action.

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Jeff Hay
Jeff Hay
Founder & CEO
RDI Technologies, Inc.

Founder and CEO of RDI Technologies, Inc., Jeff is the inventor and visionary behind the technology that allows users to enhance and measure motion with the use of video. Jeff has used his passion and background in applied optical technology to change the way users see machinery and maintenance, moving industrial vibration to the visual spectrum. Prior to founding RDI Technologies, Jeff held a research scientist position at the University of Louisville where he developed new optical sensing technologies and pursued commercialization of the technology he invented. Jeff, who holds a doctoral degree, decided to form RDI Technologies to bring camera-based vibration and motion monitoring to the market.



Sponsored by

RDI Technologies

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