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At just 28 years old, Logan Zedlitz does it all at Zee Mechanical Solutions.

At just 28 years old, Logan Zedlitz does it all at Zee Mechanical Solutions. But he got his start early in life.

“I have turned wrenches all my life, beginning with holding the flashlight for dad under the hood of his 1952 Ford pickup,” said Zedlitz. Right out of high school, he worked as an apprentice for Conhagen for nine months from 7 a.m. until midnight.


Logan Zedlitz

From there, Zedlitz worked for Best Pump Works, traveling the country and repairing and installing API split case pumps. He credits his then-boss Bryan White for his fast career progression. 

Zedlitz realized that pump mechanics and millwrights are a dying trade, and he was surrounded by people 30 and 40 years older. Eventually, he founded Zee Mechanical Solutions and was a company owner in his mid-20s.

“I enjoyed what I was doing, and I saw so many open markets that were more than just the “big box store” types,” Zedlitz said.

“It’s all about efficiency and productivity. I found you can achieve and do just as much with fourth the manpower and overhead.”

Zedlitz can solve problems for customers, but his youthful appearance causes some to give him a second look.

“It sounds silly, but me starting this venture out young, owning my own pump company at a young age, you won’t believe the funny looks I get when I hop out of the truck,” Zedlitz said. “We are human, I’ve done it myself, it’s OK. I always like to earn someone’s blessings and respect anyways.”

Zedlitz’s primary career advice to anyone is to never stop learning.

“The day you refuse to stop listening is the day your career ends,” he said. “You will never make it, not progressively learning.”

What do you do to make sure you’re continuing your education/training?

“I have been known many times to show up on a jobsite for free just to see if I can figure out the problem the customer is having. Not only is it a customer service thing, I do not feel it is right to have lessons learned at the expense of the end user. Sure, they have money, but that doesn’t mean morals go out the door! I also stay in contact with our vendors weekly, and sometimes daily, between phone interviews and in person visits. After all, we are helping each other, and without complete transparency, full capabilities of the two parties cannot be met.”

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