Determine which type—single-, twin- or three-screw—is best for your application.

Buyers of new industrial equipment are returning to their roots with the shift from centrifugal to screw pumps for their critical applications. Screw pumps, first introduced by Archimedes around 200 B.C., are positive displacement (PD)
machines that offer extensive benefits for pumping fluids across a wide range of pressures and flow conditions.

Screw pump manufacturers have made it their mission to produce pumps offering significant advances in fluid handling reliability and energy efficiency. All PD pumps are volumetric fluid handling solutions that create flow and are flexible to dynamic system pressures. They are a widely adopted pump technology for reliable, continuous pumping of hydrocarbons with highly variable fluid properties and changing operating conditions.

Here is a guide for determining whether single-, twin- or three-screw pumps are the most suitable for your oil and gas application.

rotary screw pumps tableA guide to rotary screw pumps in oil and gas. Click here to view a larger version of this chart in a new window.