Hydraulic Institute explains how to develop and implement an assessment team.
by Pete Gaydon & Edgar Suarez
August 30, 2018

The final assessment report should include the following sections: executive summary, introduction including facility information, assessment objectives and scope, description of systems studied and systems deficiencies, assessment data collected, data analysis, annual baseline costs of operation, maintenance, downtime, production loss, prioritized performance improvement opportunities, implementation steps and data appendices. This report format provides an effective summary in the beginning for management and the background and detailed analysis required to justify the recommendations.

There is a great opportunity for system optimization that is enabled by a pump system assessment. This article covered what is required of a pump system assessment and the process of developing the assessment team and implementing the assessment. It is important to economically validate the optimization opportunities and effectively report the assessment results.

The presentation of the report should be tailored to the purpose of the assessment, which may take different forms depending on the reason for the assessment and the personnel being presented to.