State your requirements clearly to get the right pump.

In January 1993, Pumps & Systems published an article called “Pump Buying Strategies” that detailed how complicated it can be to communicate the requirements needed for a pump manufacturer to provide the right pump for the right application. As the article says, “For the manufacturer to understand what you really want, your specification must state, in an orderly manner, all the requirements you have for the pump.”

This 25-year-old article included a list of the “Elements of a Pump Specification Technical.” The items relate to the function, design and manufacture of the pump and express clearly to the manufacturer “what the pump will be called on to do.”

As the article says, “These specifications must address: operating environment, liquid to be pumped, pump performance and life, materials of construction and extent of supply.”

See if this Specification Technical matches up with what your requirements would be today.

Elements of a Pump Specification TechnicalElements of a Pump Specification Technical. Click here to download a PDF version of this chart.