The list of recommended spare parts will depend on the pumping design and other factors.

How should I determine what spare parts to keep on hand? 

The list of recommended spare parts will depend on the pumping design, application and factors such as normal supplier lead time when ordering parts, whether pumping equipment is for use as normal duty or severe duty and whether or not there is backup pumping while a unit is down for maintenance. 

The manufacturer can help make recommendations understanding the typical lead time for wear and consumable components. In the absence of recommendations from the manufacturer, the following is only a guide presenting some suggestions of spare parts for pumping units for two select services.  

For export, marine or domestic service where minimum loss of service is essential, a spare complete pump, rotating assembly or bowl assembly is suggested.

For domestic service handling abrasive or corrosive liquids or where some interruption in continuity of service is possible, spares of the following are recommended:

  • shaft sleeves
  • bearings
  • wearing rings
  • packing or mechanical seal
  • gaskets/O-rings
  • coupling connectors (if applicable)
  • impeller

For more information on replacement and spare parts, refer to “American National Standards Institute/Hydraulic Institute (ANSI/HI) 14.4 Rotodynamic Pumps for Installation, Operation and Maintenance” at pumps.org.   

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