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Today, Martinez works as the managing director and president of Standard Alloys.

Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez

Richard Martinez, 62, began his career 44 years ago as a junior engineer for Applied Standard Inspection Incorporated. Today, Martinez works as the managing director and president of Standard Alloys and still holds the appreciation for the industry he developed decades ago. Martinez explained, “As a little kid, I always wanted to figure out how things fit together to make systems work. Working in this industry has allowed me to take that passion for understanding how things work and apply it to my day-to-day actions.” 

There is no doubt that the industry has gone through its fair share of changes over the course of Martinez’s career. For example, he pointed to computer simulation training as the most influential training course he has taken. Elaborating on the digital transformation that has taken place in the industry, he said, “The continued development of digital technology has transformed the way we work. It has allowed the industry to take processes that were previously an art form and transform them into a predictable science.”

Still, Martinez holds an appreciation for the opportunity for hands-on work that the industry provides. He said, “There seems to be a lack of appreciation within the industry for the value of the hands-on work force. There is currently a void in the industry for foundry laborers, machinists and pump mechanics. In many instances, they are the ones who make it happen every day, but it appears to me that our society has placed less value on developing future generations of skilled manual laborers.”

As for advice he would give to the next generation, he said, “Don’t limit your involvement by your job title. Get involved at all levels, upstream and downstream, of your process to help you understand the full value add steps which will build personal knowledge and expand your equity within an organization.”

What’s been the hardest part about your job?

Managing and leading our teams through changes induced on the industry by both internal and external influences. We can be proud of the past, but we cannot let the old ways limit innovation and transformation. 

Outside of the industry, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy spending time with my family, working with our church to positively impact our community, being outdoors and playing basketball.