coronavirus bubble
Experts working to make the most of the data as discoveries are made.

Wastewater end users face particular challenges when it comes to COVID-19—although the medical community does not agree on how serious those challenges are. Conflicting reports make it difficult for workers to completely understand the risks. 

What is known is that the virus shows up in wastewater testing and experts are working to make the most of that data. More information seems to come out daily on this topic. Here are a few recent articles.

Tests reveal coronavirus in Yosemite National Park’s sewage — Associated Press

Sewage at Yosemite National Park in California has been confirmed to contain Covid-19, according to an AP report. There are concerns that dozens were exposed there in the last month since its reopening. 

Coronavirus: Testing sewage an 'easy win' — BBC

Wastewater testing can point to outbreaks up to a week before medical tests, according to this article by the BBC. The goal is to map infection in the system and predict hotspots.

The Coronavirus Was Detected In Sewage In March Of 2019, Far From Wuhan, China

A recent report from Barcelona, Spain, revealed that the coronavirus was detected in wastewater there as early as March 2019. Officials say this indicates the virus may have been around longer than first realized.

Frequent Questions about Wastewater and Septic Systems and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is continually researching and updating their data and updates their website with the latest advice and discoveries.

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