AUSTRIA (March 16, 2016) – PUMPMAKERS from Austria have launched the PUMPMAKERS PLATFORM, a virtual marketplace that helps people help themselves by providing individuals, local companies, NGOs and volunteers with free access to the easy-to-use Do-It-Yourself Solar Pump and a global network to implement projects for everyone where there is a need of water. This helps reduce the global water shortage, strengthens the local economy, creates jobs and prevents migration from rural areas. PUMPMAKERS have successfully installed DIY Solar Pumps in Africa and Europe since 2012. A single pump system provides clean drinking water for up to 1.000 people a day. Building on the success of these first projects, new PUMPMAKERS projects are following suit in Somalia, Morocco, Zambia, Cameroon and Tanzania. PUMPMAKERS are expanding the PUMPMAKERS PLATFORM globally with new projects and project partners in the African region. To this effect, entrepreneurs, local companies, NGOs and simply individuals requiring water every day may register themselves free of charge on the PUMPMAKERS PLATFORM and present their company, organization or project to a global community. Furthermore, PUMPMAKERS are on the lookout for new project entries and water wells as well as existing sources of water with and without water pumps (e.g. hand pumps or diesel-powered water pumps), which may be replaced by or equipped with a DIY Solar Pump. “There is a huge need for safe, clean drinking water in Africa. To date, however, more than 300,000 hand pumps are inoperative or broken," Dietmar Stuck, an experienced Austrian well-builder, founder & CEO of PUMPMAKERS said. "That’s why our DIY Solar Pump and the PUMPMAKERS PLATFORM present an ideal solution. Project entries on our world map will provide us with the information we need to realize these projects together with our partners.” Back in 2010, Dietmar Stuck developed the world’s first DIY Solar Pump together with his team of experts, using the latest technology as well as a sustainable and patented concept: “All materials as well as the individual parts of the pump are maintenance-free and corrosion-free. What’s more, the pump is affordable and has been designed for easy assembly, even in the remotest corners of the world. Due to the fact that we only use renewable solar energy to pump water from a depth of 100 meters, our system incurs no running costs. The optional hand pump can be used for operations at night. More importantly, our DIY Solar Pump works independently from wind and fuel. It is the ideal substitute for conventional systems that are often too expensive or require a lot of maintenance.” Just basic DIY skills and a few parts that are readily available locally are required to assemble and install the solar pump. The pump-kit, piston and gear unit as well as suitable tools or advertising material can be purchased via the webshop of the multilingual PUMPMAKERS PLATFORM. The parts needed for the pump tower can either be obtained locally or via the webshop. Videos and images provide step-by-step assembly instructions. The new platform offers local companies and start-up entrepreneurs—the Pumpmakers—a straightforward business model and the support they need. Pumpmakers can present their services to the global community, network with NGOs, customers or fellow Pumpmakers, report on their DIY Solar Pump project and upload images and videos. A world map highlights water supply needs and shows the status of current projects. According to master well builder Dietmar Stuck, there is a great demand, not only in Africa but also increasingly in South America, Asia and Australia. Therefore, the next series production of the DIY Solar Pump will commence in March 2016. Compared to many traditional water pump systems that are often maintenance prone and expensive, the investment of about $ 7,500 for the maintenance-free DIY Solar Pump is amortized over about one to two years. However, even individuals or volunteers who want to make a difference can help fight the global water crisis. They can invest time and effort by joining the PUMPMAKERS PLATFORM and highlighting their project on the world map. That way, they can effectively draw sponsors’ and organization’s attention of to the need for water in their region. “Our goal is to provide thousands of people worldwide with access to safe, clean drinking water and give those wanting to start their own business the support they need. That is why we came up with a unique DIY concept. It makes people more self-sufficient and effectively helps fight the global water shortage and poverty,” said Stuck. Today, almost 800 million people still have no access to safe, clean drinking water. As a result, some 10,000 people die every day—most of them are children under the age of five. The Austrian master well builder, Dietmar Stuck, has been active in the water well drilling industry in Europe, Australia and Africa since 2000 and has installed several hundred drinking water wells. In six African countries, he carried out surveys for water projects on behalf of humanitarian aid organizations and saw that conventional water pumps were completely unsuitable for local conditions. These experiences led him to develop the worldwide unique DIY Solar Pump: a solution that enables water to be pumped from a depth of up to 100 meters.