The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) signed a strategic agreement with Aquatech Global Events to organize Smart Water Pavilions at various events throughout 2019 and beyond. By joining forces Aquatech visitors around the world benefit from specialized knowledge on this topic, saving water and money as the smart water industry continues to gain momentum.

China, Mexico and Amsterdam will feature pavilions and/or combined with a knowledge program. According to a report by SWAN Member Sensus, utilities could save up to $12.5 billion by implementing smart water systems.

Participants in the SWAN-pavilions included Utilis (Israel), Bentley Systems (Ireland), Controlpoint (UK), Watener (Spain), Kamstrup (Denmark), Servelec Technologies (UK) and Aganova (Spain).

"The SWAN Forum is thrilled to sign a long-term agreement with Aquatech Global Events to provide global exposure for SWAN Members and leading solution providers. This partnership, which will extend across Mexico City, Amsterdam and Shanghai-based Aquatech events, will leverage the strengths of both organizations to help accelerate the smart water sector," said Amir Cahn, SWAN's Executive Director.

“Our interest and focus is on startups and institutions leveraging new technologies and digitalization within the water sector,” said Annette Bos, Director Water of Aquatech Global Events. “In our cooperation with SWAN Forum, we can ensure the engagement of leading players from across the industry and across the world.”

Upcoming events
Aquatech China 2018: 31 May-2 June 2018
Aquatech Mexico 2018: 4-6 September 2018
Aquatech Amsterdam 2019: 5-6-7-8 November 2019