PASADENA, Texas - Teadit’s origin RC510 gasket technology has been awarded America’s first prize for the 2018 Plunkett Award by Chemours. These awards recognize advancements in products and applications across the Chemours fluoropolymer portfolio, including Teflon fluoropolymers, which Teadit uses in their Tealon under a Chemours license.

The awards are named after Dr. Roy Plunkett, who discovered fluoropolymers 80 years ago.

“The Plunkett Awards recognize our customers and their commitment to using the power of chemistry to create industry-defining solutions to many of society’s most complex and evolving needs,” said Paul Kirsch, president of Chemours Fluoroproducts. “Businesses must innovate, driving the development of more sustainable, higher performing products to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. At Chemours, we’re proud to partner with our customers to deliver innovative solutions that address the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.”

Entries were judged by a panel of regional experts who evaluated the submissions for their degree of innovation, sustainability impact, breadth of use, and commercial significance.