NEW YORK, NY — Augury, a leading AI-based mechanical diagnostics provider, and PSG, a Dover company, a global leader in the manufacture of pumps, systems and related flow-control solutions, today announced a partnership that provides customers with data-driven actionable insights that will add unprecedented intelligence to how pumps and the systems they power are managed and maintained. The partnership will enable existing and future PSG customers to benefit from an increase in efficiency, uptime, and resiliency through new services, powered by Augury’s IIoT-enabled continuous diagnostics and predictive analytics technology.

Augury’s algorithm-powered approach to mechanical diagnostics provides actionable, data-driven repair and maintenance recommendations to improve productivity and increase uptime. This will help PSG continue towards its mission to be a leading expert in providing innovative solutions worldwide.

“This partnership with Augury will provide us with vital data and insights that will allow us to make pump systems and solutions even more resilient and reliable,” said Karl Buscher, President at PSG, a Dover company. “We are now able to go beyond the initial sale and implementation of our flow-control solutions and ensure that the health and performance of each piece of equipment is optimized throughout its lifecycle. With our localized presence in more than 100 countries and countless pumps sold, Augury’s technology arms us with the infrastructure needed to provide enhanced services easily at any scale.”

For Augury, this partnership is another proof point of the company’s expertise in the chemical and petrochemical space. Going to market together with PSG will enable Augury to expand their database of machine signatures and further improve their algorithms and associated products.

“Through partnerships, such as the one with PSG, we are enabling the digital transformation of the chemical and process industries,” said Saar Yoskovitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Augury. “With our unique approach to AI-enabled machine diagnostics, we are adding unprecedented transparency into the performance of pumps and pump systems. These capabilities are reshaping the market to enable new services that are focused on maintaining the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.”