ST. LOUIS – Emerson announced it has acquired iSolutions Inc., a Canadian-based consulting group with experience in designing and implementing data management solutions. iSolutions provides organizations with decision-support tools to make data-driven production and operational decisions based on the analysis of real-time insights from integrated field and plant systems.

The acquisition will accelerate delivery of Emerson’s new digital transformation roadmap by adding proven skill sets in information technology/operational technology (IT-OT) and application knowledge to help integrate data from the plant floor to business systems.

As part of Emerson, iSolutions will help organizations deploy Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem, an IIoT platform.

“We’re excited to join Emerson and expand the reach of our expertise throughout Emerson’s global organization,” said Anil Datoo, on behalf of the 4 founding partners at iSolutions. “Together we can continue to make digital transformation practical, accessible and achievable.”