IGNY, France – HGH Infrared Systems announced the appointment of Laurent Fullana as general manager.

Fullana, 54, an ESPCI and Ecole Centrale Paris engineer and MBA graduate from Columbia, was appointed general manager of HGH on December 10, 2018. He previously served as general manager of Sofradir.

Fullana took up his position as general manager alongside Thierry Campos, president since 2002. This appointment follows HGH’s recent partnership with the Carlyle Group, majority shareholder since September 2018.

Fullana has a background in the electro-optics industry, and brings experience from a variety of high-profile management positions growing businesses in various hi-tech international environments.

In his role, Fullana will oversee all aspects of business leadership and drive HGH Infrared Systems toward continued and global growth across the security, defense, oil & gas and energy industries. He will also contribute to the implementation of new tools and processes within the company to support its development.