TULSA, Okla. – Sercel-GRC (GRC), an oil and gas service company that designs, manufactures and markets downhole data acquisition instruments and surface equipment, has opened a new state-of-the-art-facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The office is located at 13914 E. Admiral Pl. STE B, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116-2107.

Operations at the facility include research and development, design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, servicing and sales of downhole and surface data acquisition tools. It also contains sophisticated calibration equipment, which allows GRC to manufacture products with high sensor accuracies to optimize oil and gas well production.

The 67,000 square-foot facility increases manufacturing efficiency and productivity through layout improvements and equipment positioning. The changes improve communication, routing time, cost and quality, while enhancing the health, safety and welfare of GRC employees. The new facility is equipped with one clean room to manufacture proprietary pressure transducers, one ESP motor test laboratory, four automated pressure controllers, five CNC machines and 12 calibration ovens. There will also be more than 70 key employees based at the facility.

Bud Missel, president, GRC, said, “The arrangement of our previous building restricted our manufacturing capabilities. The new layout allows us to incorporate an improved streamlined manufacturing process, and provides our research, engineering and qualification groups a better workspace to design and qualify new products. The location was strategically kept in Tulsa, OK due to the proximity to oilfields, major transportation hubs and the headquarters of our key U.S. customers including Valiant, BHGE, Summit and APERGY. We have 94 years of history in Tulsa and are happy to stay here to support our city and state. We are looking forward to leading GRC into its next phase of growth at this specialized location.”