Stefano Sampaolo is the new president of Assopompe, an association that represents Italian pump manufacturers in ANIMA Confindustria.

Born in 1970 in Milan, Sampaolo has a degree in civil engineering and has been working in the pump sector since 1996. Since 2005 he has worked at Xylem Water Solutions Italia, of which he has been managing director for seven years; since 2017 he has also held the position of regional director for the region composed of Italy, Spain and Portugal.

"It will be important to maintain an active participation in association to give life to our initiatives." Sampaolo said. "It is necessary to continue to play a leading role in bringing the voice of Italian manufacturers where the regulatory requirements are defined, in addition to continuing to provide a training service and access to strategic information in our sector, aimed at all members and to the aggregated shareholders. We also continue to maintain a significant position in Europump."

The pump sector, represented by Assopompe, in 2018 recorded, according to the SOUL Studies Office, an increase in production compared to 2017 (+ 3.3 percent), as well as exports (+ 4.5 percent) and investments. Production reached 2,195 million euros, of which 1,615 were in exports.