SHANGHAI - Twelve of Busch's vacuum pumps have been delivered to Wuhan in China to support the treatment of patients infected with the corona virus. Two new hospitals have been built in Wuhan in just a few days. 

The vacuum pumps are used to suction body secretions or breathing air in operating and treatment rooms where the feared virus may be present. They are equipped with special filters which prevent the viruses from passing through. In addition, the vacuum pumps do not require operating fluids such as water or oil, which could be contaminated with the viruses.

On January 25, Chinese New Year's Day, Busch China received an emergency order in Shanghai to supply the vacuum pumps from our headquarters in Maulburg. Fortunately, the vacuum pumps were already in the warehouse in Shanghai and could be technically prepared there for this application. Despite the public holidays and the work stoppage imposed by the government, several Busch China employees volunteered to prepare the delivery to Wuhan, located 850 kilometers away, and to install the vacuum pumps in the two new hospitals there.