PARSIPPANY, N.Y. - Hydraulic Institute is partnering with Valve Manufacturers Association to host Virtual Market Outlook Workshop: Navigating the Recovery from coronavirus on Aug. 6-7. The event will feature live presentations, chat with speakers, small group discussions and one-on-one networking. For the first time, the event is open to anyone in the industry.

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Pulp and Paper Industry – During and After COVID 19
The focus of this presentation will be on the major industry sectors – packaging, tissue and pulp. Key findings will be shared related to changing consumer behavior, the new normal, and drivers for demand and industry structure.

Imagining a Reimagined Future: Commercial Construction Post COVID 19
This session will present the most probable recovery trajectories for commercial construction post
COVID 19. It includes identification of the markets and segments that will lead or lag over the next several years. More importantly, this session will highlight strategic lessons learned and mistakes to avoid in times of heightened uncertainty.

The Global Economic Outlook: Paths to Recovery from the COVID 19 Recession
The global economy has experienced a downturn of stunning speed and depth. The paths of recovery from the pandemic and recession are uncertain and will vary across regions and industries. This presentation will consider the potential for resiliency and the challenges faced by the United States, Europe, Asia‐Pacific and other regions of the world.

U.S. Economic Outlook
This presentation will address the outlook for the U.S. economy post the COVID 19 health crisis. The discussion will include thoughts on the shape of the recovery and the role of fiscal and monetary policy to support the economy. There will also be perspectives on the upcoming election and the possible reworking of the supply chains and other longer terms shifts in the U.S. economy.

The Food and Beverage Industry After the Pandemic
Some food and beverage companies thrived, and some suffered during the COVID 19 pandemic.
This presentation will focus on how the major companies were doing before the crisis, how they reacted and fared during it, and how they are likely to finish out the year and do in the immediate future.

Global Trade in 2020 – Lessons Learned and Planning for the Future
The COVID 19 pandemic caused havoc on companies supply chains. Those already facing financial constraints due to the Section 301 China tariffs or section 232 aluminum and steel tariffs have been seeking relief from the tariffs and are looking to restructure supply chains. This presentation will discuss other supply chain issues including increased export restrictions for U.S. companies, the new USMCA free trade agreement and other developments in global trade.

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