SAN FRANCISCO - Software Motor Company announced a new name and a new brand identity: Turntide Technologies.

The primary reason the company rebranded was that several companies named “SMC” have been around for a long time, and there was concern about generating confusion in the market, especially with the growth trajectory.

From the company: So what’s with this new name, Turntide? The world is facing multiple crises, and many of them can be tied back to the mother of all crises, climate change. Carbon emissions, notwithstanding a brief pause due to coronavirus shutdowns, are accelerating. We need to transition to 100 percent renewable, clean energy ASAP. But the difficult truth is that the world can’t build enough renewables to keep up with growing global energy demand, so turning the tide on carbon emissions growth will also require a massive improvement in energy efficiency. It’s not an option; it’s a necessity. 

At Turntide, we seek to change the momentum on climate change, at scale. The world now has just one decade remaining to radically reduce carbon emissions to avoid catastrophe, and Turntide is poised to be a key part of this strategy. Replacing legacy motors with our smart motor systems has reduced electricity consumption among our commercial HVAC customers by almost two-thirds. And we’re just getting started.