HOUSTON, Texas - Tachyus, a provider of data-driven production optimization software to the oil and gas industry, has announced the appointment of former Vice President of Customer Success Fernando Gutierrez to CEO. Gutierrez will oversee the implementation of Tachyus’ vision and mission while working closely with the leadership team to further establish strategies and solutions within the upstream space.

Gutierrez has been in the field of digital oil solutions for over two decades. He has a track record of developing and commercializing digital oilfield technologies aimed to integrate people, petro-technical workflows and innovative industry practices and to shorten the decision-making cycle in the reservoir management space.

He has been involved in the development, implementation, commercialization of such technology while leading and managing 200-plus employees and business operations of $50-plus million in annual revenue. At Tachyus, Gutierrez was instrumental in product development, successful customer onboarding and technology implementation with many operators across the world providing production increase opportunities (5-10 percent) and decrease in opex (~10-15 percent)      

In his new role as CEO, Gutierrez will lead the company through agile platform development cycles designed to meet the various needs of digital transformation phases in a post-pandemic world. 

Gutierrez has been with the organization for three years and throughout his time he has been vital to the success of creating and establishing Tachyus as worldwide leader in advanced oil and gas software. Prior to joining Tachyus, Gutierrez was employed with Schlumberger for over 12 years. He holds an executive certificate from MIT where he learned to identify strategic approach that drives innovation throughout an organization. He holds a post-graduate degree in Petroleum Engineering with Project Management from Heriot-Wyatt University and a MSc in Petroleum Engineering and a post-graduate degree in International Petroleum Management and Finance from Texas A&M University