CHICAGO - Aftermarket service provider Hydro Inc. has launched a new online resource for leaders in the pump industry—dubbed Hydro University

Hydro University will offer webinars, e-learning courses, seminars and applied knowledge on topics like pump fundamentals, introduction to shaft alignment, generic failure modes, efficiency points, inspection guidelines, pump design configurations, and vibration fundamentals.

The program uses 3D modeling to help students gain a better understanding of how a pump functions. "We take you directly inside a pump and show you each element and how its performance affects efficiency, optimization, and energy savings,” said Hydro President of total solutions and Hydro University trainer Mike Mancini. “Knowledge and experience in these areas help you improve your pump performance and reduce maintenance costs.” 

Online classes are available both live and on-demand. Some classes offer certificates for personal development hours and continuing education credits.

“Pumps are complex equipment, and the proper care of a pump will keep your line running and can even optimize energy efficiency for your overall operation,” said Bob Jennings, Hydro University trainer and Hydro, Inc. manager of energy upgrades. 

The program also features webinars on topics like NPSH, pump curves/operate at BEP, basic pump design, vibration concepts, and pump testing. When safe to do so again, Hydro University will offer in-person training programs.