KALAMAZOO, Mich. - HECO All Systems Go, an electric motor and performance systems company that specializes in optimizing electric motor driven powertrains, announced that it has acquired Kentucky Service Co. Inc. of Lexington, Kentucky.

“Kentucky Service is one of the most respected electro-mechanical service companies in the industry. As an EASA Accredited Service Center with commitments to quality work, technical expertise, and customer service it became clear, quickly, that they were an incredible match with us,” said Justin Hatfield, president of HECO.

Doug Moore, President of Kentucky Service Company (who served as EASA International Chairman from 2014-2015), added “HECO gets it. I’ve been around a lot of motor people and have seen a lot of motor shops in my career and there are very few like HECO. With the increased capabilities we can now offer, I know our employees and customers have a bright future.”