PARSIPPANY, N.J. – The Hydraulic Institute (HI) 2023 Annual Conference, held February 26 – March 2, 2023, concluded with the presentation of awards for the following distinguished categories:

Lifetime Acheivement Award 

HI recognized Aleksander Roudnev, Weir Minerals North America with the 2022 Hydraulic Institute Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is selectively presented to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to the Hydraulic Institute and the Industry at large over many decades. Roudnev began his career in the pump industry 55 years ago and has been involved with HI for over 30 years. Throughout his storied career, this individual has brought his trademark attention to detail to every project he has worked on be it in the field, in the training material he has presented, in the written word, or in one of his five patents. During his tenure with HI, he has chaired multiple committees and was awarded the HI Member of the Year in 2014. In addition to contributing to over 10 committees, Roudnev has vice-chaired ANSI/HI 9.1-9.5 Pumps - General Guidelines, chaired ANSI/HI 12.1-12.6 Rotodynamic Centrifugal Slurry Pumps for several editions.  He has served as a section Chair and was a past Chair of the Standards Committee.

Member of the Year  

Timothy Albers, director of product management, commercial and industrial motor division, Nidec Motor Corporation has been selected as the 2022 HI Member of the Year. This award serves to recognize the contributions of a member that has made a sustained effort, over time, to advance the mission of the Hydraulic Institute and whose insights and leadership have impacted our community in a profound way. During Albers’ 30-year long career, he has become an accomplished professional who has excelled in multiple fields including product development, marketing and sales and management. In his 14 years with HI, Albers has contributed to nearly every branch of HI and has shaped the direction of the Institute’s publications by participating in the Technical Affairs Steering Committee as the IEEE liaison and the Associate Member Council committee, for which he is the Chair. In addition to these contributions, he has also lent his expertise to the following publications:

  • ANSI/HI 11.6 Rotodynamic Submersible Pump Test
  • ANSI/HI 14.6 Rotodynamic Pump Test
  • ANSI/HI 14.7 Hydraulic Performance Field Testing
  • Pump Application Guideline: Commercial Building Services
  • Variable Speed Pumping Guidebook
  • IoT Solutions for Pumping Systems Guidebook
  • Drivers Application Guidebook


Standards Partner of the Year 

HI recognized Andrew Johansson, director of hydraulic modeling and consulting, Alden Research Laboratory, Inc. as the 2022 Standards Partner of the Year. Standards Partner of the Year award recognizes an individual from this community whose insight and participation has advanced the work of the Hydraulic Institute through their exceptional volunteer leadership. Johansson’s career spans over 30 years, and he has been active in HI for more than two decades. Johansson is a central figure for ANSI/HI 9.6.6 Rotodynamic Pumps for Pump Piping and ANSI/HI 9.8 Rotodynamic Pumps for Intake design. In both committees, he supported research efforts to improve the requirements within the standards. He also supports HI’s educational mission by co-instructing the webinar on Intake Design, most recently to the US Army Corp of Engineers. Johansson is now serving as Chair of the ANSI/HI 9.8 committee after serving as vice-chair for the past edition.

Young Engineer of the Year 

HI recognized Bryce Wells, R&D engineer specialist, Flowserve Corporation as the 2022 Young Engineer of the Year. This award is presented to a young engineer who has made significant accomplishments in their position and have demonstrated exceptional voluntary leadership in multiple areas within the Institute. Wells started his career in 2010 as an Application Engineer in industrial original equipment within the HVAC sector. He has continued to pursue excellence and career growth having recently been promoted to R&D Engineering specialist where he has product responsibility for the chemical process pump line. Although his first HI meeting was only in 2019, Wells quickly became an instrumental voice in several committees including:

  • ANSI/HI 3.1-3.5 Rotary Pump for Nomenclature, Definitions, Applications and Operation
  • ANSI/HI 9.6.4 Rotodynamic Pumps for Vibration Measurements and Allowable Values
  • ANSI/HI 14.6 Rotodynamic Pumps for Hydraulic Performance Acceptance Test
  • HI 20.3 Rotodynamic Pump Efficiency Prediction
  • 30.1 General Purpose OH1 Rotodynamic Pump Specification

He serves as the Chair of ANSI/HI 9.6.3 Rotodynamic Pumps Guideline for Operating Regions and continues to support the Hydraulic Institute by instructing a webinar related to this guideline.