HOUSTON – MOGAS Industries, Inc. (MOGAS) celebrated its 50-year anniversary with a commemorative celebration on Thursday, May 18th, 2023. The company officially began at 8:20 p.m. on May 17th, 1973.

Louis Mogas formed Mogas Machine Works in 1973 with 16 employees working under 19,000 square feet of manufacturing space on a couple of acres. Today, privately owned MOGAS Industries employs over 325 people across six countries. Their Houston-based headquarters now has 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity spanning 15 acres. 

On the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary, MOGAS CEO/COO Matt Mogas notes: “I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with so many great employees, representatives and customers these last 33 years. They have made a meaningful impact on MOGAS Industries and me personally. I feel honored to stand on the shoulders of the great men that came before me at MOGAS, especially Sam Furman, Tommy Bright, Cary Lorenz and of course my father, Louis Mogas, the grand architect, master, creator of our culture, beliefs and vision.”

Serving the community is ingrained in the MOGAS culture. The company contributes significant resources to many worthy causes and enthusiastically supports their employees’ robust spirit of volunteerism. Charitable contributions to organizations include Ronald McDonald House, MS150, Camp for All, The Periwinkle Foundation and business partnerships with local elementary and junior schools. The company also supports private initiatives for public good, focusing on quality of life.

The entire MOGAS organization is proud of this momentous achievement.