SAGINAW, Mich. – The Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association Inc. (WWEMA) has re-elected Mark Turpin, president of Duperon Corporation, for a third term on its board of directors. Joining a critical juncture in water history, Turpin will join a prestigious group of industry leadership to help navigate an influx of issues impacting the sector, from regulatory issues like Build America and Buy America (BABA) to broader topics like climate change and sustainability.
“The water industry is experiencing a great deal of change and challenges right now, and people are looking to WWEMA for guidance,” said Turpin. “Leaving WWEMA’s annual conference earlier this month, I was ignited with a compelling urgency to dive back in, engage, and contribute on behalf of the industry. I am deeply honored to be asked to rejoin the board of directors and look forward to contributing my passion, expertise and dedication to the strategic direction that will shape the future of our industry.”