HOUSTON – MOGAS mourns the death of their beloved chairman and founder Vincent Louis Mogas, who died on May 2, 2024 in Houston, Texas. Mogas spent his life building a valve manufacturing business and a company culture that stood for goodness.

MOGAS Industries was formed in May 1973 when Mogas purchased a small machine shop in Houston. He soon acquired the rights to service and manufacture ball valves from Cameron Iron Works. Under Mogas' leadership, the company studied valve failures and established an R&D department that customized valves for specific applications. Since 2000, MOGAS has established sales and service offices in Australia, China, Europe, Canada, South America, Middle East and India.

Early on, Mogas introduced business behaviors that became the foundation of the company's core values—everyone is the CEO of something, make work fun, do what's right—to name a few. His belief that work can be fun and honorable and that there is one team at MOGAS drive the Company's business principles today.