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Learn how harmonics distortion is measured and how they can be mitigated.

Harmonics. What are they and how do you prevent them in pumping systems? Eaton experts Paul Olis and Nicole George join the Pumps & Systems podcast to discuss this.

Key questions answered are:

What are harmonics?

Why have harmonics become a bigger topic of discussion in recent years?

What are the concerns regarding harmonics?

How is harmonic distortion measured?

How can harmonics be mitigated?

How do passive harmonic solutions compare to others such as active front end?

Paul Olis is a marketing analyst for Eaton’s enclosed variable frequency drives product line. He has a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Purdue University Northwest. He is in his third and final year of Eaton’s rotational leadership program, having already completed roles as a quality engineer for medium voltage drives and as a division sales engineer for low voltage switchgear.

Nicole George is the product manager for pumping and enclosed variable frequency drives for Eaton’s Industrial Controls Division, Electrical Sector. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from the University of Florida.

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