The U.S. is behind in addressing these issues
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In Episode 3 of the Pumps & Systems podcast, Drew Champlin speaks with systems engineer and longtime Pumps & Systems contributor William Livoti on why pump systems are poorly designed.

Livoti, who is retired full-time from the pump industry but still doing some training, explains why he is passionate about the issue and his Pumps & Systems column, Pump System Standards.

Livoti explains why he isn't seeing General Scope Documents that meet today's needs and common mistakes he sees when designing a system or purchasing assets.

Other topics Livoti addresses include why we are behind in the United States in addressing these issues, life cycle cost vs. first cost and what he would recommend to end users as a path forward.

The next podcast with Livoti will focus on the General Scope Document. Check out Livoti's columns by clicking here.

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