Introduced in June 2010, the VibXpert II (VXP II) has many different uses and functions. The primary use is to extend the lifespan of equipment within a plant or facility using vibration signatures. One of its many applications is detecting bearing faults, either early or pre-existing within the machinery. It can also detect cavitation within pumps.

The VXP II was designed with the end user in mind—faster, tougher and sleeker and intuitive to operate. It is a true, two-channel data collector and signal analyzer. It offers high resolution, 102,400 lines of resolution FFT. A new fast processor provides rapid operation and high-speed data collection. The screen is a full VGA (480 x 640 pixels), 18-bit, TFT LCD non-reflective color display.

The VXP II can also be equipped for field balancing using one and two planes. It provides fast, advanced analysis methods such as modal and ODS that can be used to determine the root cause of equipment reliability issues. It also features USB and Ethernet communication, is lightweight (only 2.54 pounds) and is IP 65 rated so water and dust will not inhibit its performance.

The greatest improvement is at lower lines of resolution, where the VXP II is almost 20 percent faster than the VXP I. This means that data can be collected quicker than ever before. The VXP II uses between 9 and 13 percent of its battery life per hour. The variation depends on the data acquisition method being used. This allows the VXP II to provide eight hours of continuous use.

End-User Testimony

Ray Wonderly, Advanced Maintenance Technologies, Germantown, Ohio

After using an evaluation unit of the VXP II, Ray Wonderly was anxious for his own model. “I recently had the chance to borrow and use an evaluation unit which proved to be faster than my current VIBXPERT,” Wonderly says. “Speed is important when working with big routes since it cuts down in data collection time. I was also impressed by its crisp and bright color display and recording functionality.”

Besides the acquisition of accurate and consistent vibration measurements, other features stood out to Wonderly, including:

  • The unit's light weight
  • Long battery life
  • Route storage capacity
  • The ability to download past measurements and history trends into data collector. E
  • The ease to edit or customize instrument setup in the field when needed