Readers Respond to “The History of Pumps”:

I really enjoyed your article on the history of pumps. I am sure a lot of research had to go into that. I was also surprised to learn how much the Italians contributed to pumps in the early years. I knew we were good for something! Great article!

Rich Greatti, Mechanical/Industrial Engineer
Knoxville, Tenn.



We have been receiving your magazine, Pumps & Systems, for a good number of years, although we are not an advertiser. We recently received your January 2012 issue and the segment “The History of Pumps” caught my eye. My company shares a very long history in the pump industry and my family’s roots go very deep. I found the history very fascinating, and give your magazine a big thumbs up for the research required to put this together. I know this is not an easy task.

Walter W. Smith, President
Smith Precision Products Company (Smith Pumps)



I always look forward to the new issue of P&S. The Jan. 2012 issue is unique not only for the usual informative and interesting articles but for all the good information of the World Pump History. Congratulations! This issue is a keeper. I always recommend P&S to my friends and clients in the chemical process industry. This issue is a fine example of the high quality of your magazine. What a way to start the year!

Keep up the good work,
Jose M. Sentmanat, Consultant
Liquid Filtration Specialist, LLC, Conroe, Texas



In 1965 the AODD was introduced to the industrial market. It wasn’t until this time when Mr. Warren Rupp’s concepts of having a heavy duty diverse AODD pump to better address the vigorous demands of the steel mills and the industrial markets applications lead the way to industrial distribution. Never to be forgotten!

Mike Weed, Application Engineering
Warren Rupp, Inc., Units of IDEX Corporation



I always look forward to receiving my copy of Pumps & Systems. The January 2012 edition was of particular interest with the inclusion of the “History of Pumps” article. Having been in the pump design business for more than 40 years, it was very interesting reading.

For over 50 years, our company has manufactured a variety of fuel transfer pumps with the majority being positive displacement vane pumps. I have taught many courses within the company on vane pump technology over the years and have always presented Charles Barnes of New Brunswick as the inventor of the vane pump, citing his patent issued in June of 1874. I was surprised that your list credits Robert Blackmer with that achievement in 1899.

I can’t remember where I got my information about Barnes, but Wikipedia lists Barnes as the inventor also citing the following reference: Marlo Theriault, Great Maritime Inventions 1833-1950, Goose Lane Editions, 2001, p. 53.

Thanks for all of the great articles each month and all of the work that goes into them.

Tim Hoehn, Sr. Mechanical Engineer,Tuthill Transfer Systems

Pumps & Systems Editor Michelle Segrest responds:

The reference to Blackmer inventing vane pump technology was a mistake that I made. Blackmer had sent me the correct information. It should have read that Blackmer invented rotary vane pump technology. I have corrected this on our website version and added the 1874 item citing Charles Barnes and the inventor of the vane pump. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. This was a huge undertaking and I want to get it right!

Pumps & Systems, February 2012