Venture will provide more opportunities, access for end users

PARSIPPANY, New Jersey — Pumps & Systems media and the Hydraulic Institute (HI) have launched a training website that provides new opportunities and easy access to end users in the rotating equipment industries.

Since 1917, HI has been the largest association of pump manufacturers in North America. While the organization has always focused on industry advocacy and standards, in the last 30 years the mission expanded to include training and certifications.

Today, HI offers a large library of standards, guidebooks, study guides and webinars, in addition to in-person training courses, workshops and free educational software. Through the new website, which captures Pumps & Systems’ digital reach of 66,000 visitors per month, many more end users will have the opportunity to benefit from this variety of programming.

Pumps & Systems’ magazine subscribers number more than 46,000. Readers are maintenance and operations professionals in water, wastewater, oil and gas, chemical processing, food and beverage, and several other industrial process industries. By creating the new site in partnership with HI, end users will have easier access to training and certification opportunities.

“It’s a natural partnership,” said Alecia Archibald, senior editor of Pumps & Systems. “We have worked on some noteworthy projects with HI in the past couple of years, including its 100th anniversary commemorative book. We look forward to continuing our relationship to benefit pump users in the U.S. and beyond.”

Website visitors will find relevant content and information about HI-presented workshops. The real heart of the site is the training portion. The site provides checklists to guide end users through its 15-topic library to help them select the best material for their needs.

“There are training opportunities for professionals at any point in their career,” said HI Executive Director Michael Michaud. “From the newly graduated engineer to the 30-year veteran, each can benefit from our vast collection of educational materials and technical resources.”

The most recent addition to HI’s lineup is the Pump System Professional Assessment (PSAP) certification program. Designed for advanced industry experts, the certification is awarded to those who take and pass a four-hour proctored exam.

“The certification offers a formal recognition by an authoritative professional organization that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specified body of knowledge,” Michaud said. HI designed a workbook and class to specifically help professionals ready themselves for the test.

The new website offers more information about the PSAP certificate as well as details about test dates and locations. Visitors can sign up to take the exam and can order other HI training materials from the easy-to-navigate portal.

The site is part of the greater website and has the benefit of the P&S extensive database of technical articles, case studies and how-to basics.

“It’s designed to offer a comprehensive location for end users to find information and learning opportunities that help them solve problems on the job,” Archibald said. “We are really proud of the site and are excited to share it with our readers.”

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