Pumps & Systems Podcast

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Welcome to the Pumps & Systems podcast! On air since 2019, this podcast provides monthly interviews with Managing Editor Thom Baer and top experts from industry-leading companies spanning topics across multiple applications. Tune in the first Wednesday of every month for a new episode, now available in both audio format and in video form on the Pumps & Systems YouTube channel.

You can also browse through the expansive catalogue of older episodes with topics spanning from how to safeguard water and wastewater facilities from cyberattacks to aftermarket considerations and 3-D printing

Episode 97 via YouTube:

In this episode of the Pumps & Systems Podcast, we’re speaking with Micah Audiss from Romtec, who’s going to tell us all about package systems in the water and wastewater industry - basics, benefits, types and a few real-life examples.

Episode 98 via YouTube:

In this episode of the Pumps & Systems podcast, we’re speaking with Scot Hull, Regional Sales Manager at Hydro-Thermal, who is going to be telling us about direct steam injection in food processing applications.