The intent of the Gasket Handbook is to consolidate industry and gasket manufacturers' best practices for gasket application and installation and present this information in the main text. The reader will find extensive supporting information and references in the appendices section. These references include gasket testing standards, general gasket manufacturing process descriptions, emission regulations and legislation information, as well as a full list of previously published FSA and ESA technical articles, along with many other useful references.

From the Working Group

The Gasket Handbook Working Group would like to sincerely thank every member company who has contributed to the content and creation of this publication. Without this dedicated focus to the project, it would have easily taken many more years to complete.

The Working Group would also like to thank industry leaders for their belief in the tremendous value of a noncommercial resource for technical gasketing information. After downloading the new Gasket Handbook, please make sure to thank your gasket-manufacturing supplier for their contribution to this valuable industry resource.

Release & Publication

The Gasket Handbook will be released in two stages to allow this valuable information to get into the public's hands as soon as possible. Chapters 1 through 3 are scheduled to be released in Spring 2015 and the final Chapters 4 through 6 are scheduled for Summer 2015. The full document will become available later in 2015 to provide the complete resource in one file or hard copy. It will be available on a "free-to-read" basis through a link on the FSA and ESA websites and can be purchased for print and electronic storage for a nominal fee. Please refer to all FSA communications via our website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for official release updates and link information.

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