Mining operations can meet the demands of increased environmental vigilance with polymer preparation systems.
by Greg Kriebel, Neptune Chemical Pump Co.
July 26, 2012

In addition to the flocculation of tailings, some dry polymer systems have also been successfully used to coagulate process and wastewater at the mining site and to aid in separating ore in hard-rock copper-mining operations.


Because of their general nature, the majority of mining activities take place in pristine environments. A mine is much more likely to be found in a forest in Peru than beneath the streets of New York. As the level of environmental consciousness has increased globally, the charge to the mining company has changed. The main motivation behind a mining operation in the past was to recover the commodity in the most timely, cost-effective manner possible. Today, that recovery must also take place in the most environmentally safe way.

With the amount of waste material that is produced during mining, that is a difficult challenge to overcome. Today, that challenge has become easier to conquer thanks to the advanced technology offered by dry polymer makedown and preparation systems. These systems not only provide the flocculation and coagulation of waste materials that is demanded, but they do it with a performance reliability that allows miners to concentrate their attention to the ultimate goal—recovering critical commodities efficiently.