State of the Industry
Marketing manager Nic Atkins discusses the state of the industry heading into 2024.

Zoeller marketing manager Nic Atkins answered the following questions regarding the state of the industry in 2024.

What are your thoughts regarding Build America, Buy America? How has that impacted your company? 

We are a family owned pump manufacturer since 1939 located in Louisville Kentucky and are proud of our America heritage.  We support products and components created and provided by our fellow Americans and will strive to continue to support decisions to increase this thought process.   

What is your company doing to address the skills gap? 

We are fortunate to have a training facility that allows us to train the next generation. 

What needs to happen in regard to industry improvements in the short term? 

Labor issues continue to plague all layers of our industry. From the installers to raw goods manufacturing, labor needs to stabilize to keep up with the demand in product. 

What issues have you seen with any material shortages or supply chain issues? 

Suppliers are “cleaning up” their product offering and condensing product into larger volume quantities to help with their lead times and cost to product such product. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

Our hope is to see a continuation of stabilizing and slightly decreasing prices in material and an increase in labor availability.