This paper goes into detail about the history of bearing life calculation, the best practices by today’s standards, and methods for more accurate life estimations.
Jim Elsey explains why you can't just wish and hope for pump performance.
Operators can increase efficiency with packaged HVAC pump systems, inline multistage pumps, and advanced motors and controls.
These systems can reduce the environmental and economic impacts of releasing flaring gas into the atmosphere.
Reducing total cost of ownership in pumping systems through energy efficiency management, asset management, and energy cost management.
How to increase flow rate and pressure
Proper calculations generate additional power.
Market report investigates the multiple orifice flow control valves market with critical projected insights for 2018 to 2028.
Pipeline transmission company achieved successful ROI from asset monitoring.
Financial report says tariffs may be good for U.S. steel and aluminum producers, but have not deterred subsidized Chinese production.
Empowered operators should be more active in the purchase and implementation process.

Learn how to select a coating solution to ensure your equipment assets are protected and life extended as long as possible.

Demand from Asia-Pacific, Latin American and MEA driving increased worldwide production rate, pumps market report shows.
Strong oxidizers can damage metal, causing pitting or rust and creating possible safety concerns.
The closed loop differential pump uses linear drives that can offer accuracy in control and reliability.
Addressing the eighth component of a general scope document
Whole-system approach improves overall performance.
Strategic realignments are a driving factor; valuations remain high.
South & East Asia is a potential hotbed for opportunity.
Rowe fights dirty to close the skills gap and shares what gives him hope
Basic training for selecting, installing and maintaining bearings.
Hydraulic Institute answers question on best method to see if your bearing is failing
Installation techniques and tips for choosing the best material grade.
Jim Elsey shares 4 more stories from the pump twilight zone
Seventy percent of China’s oil demand is met by imports.
The IIoT adoption curve in Gulf Corporation Council nations.
Lev Nelik responds to readers' questions related to system curves and boiler feed systems.
A flexible choice can adapt to permanent misalignment, preventing future damage.
Addressing the seventh component of a general scope document
Solutions for eliminating contamination and extending oil life.
Since ‘Dirty Jobs,’ the TV host promotes importance of skilled labor and work ethic in a world that mostly values college degrees.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning were hot topics at the show
Learn more about the Texas A&M Turbomachinery Lab from its director, Eric Petersen.
Boiler circulating pumps in combined-cycle power plant service.
What it is and methods for determining it.
Pump System Improvement
Best practices help teams tackle repairs in a timely manner.

Learn how to translate your energy management to money in your pocket.

Power plants with boiler feed pumps are finding more efficiency.
Plus, how to encourage water and wastewater investment at the national, state and local level.
Engineers are eschewing large motors for less centralized systems.
How electronic speed control drives, adjustable frequency drives, magnetic drives and steam turbine drives work to achieve true variable speed control.
3.5 million units were sold in 2018; Asia-Pacific sales at an all-time high.
Addressing the sixth component of a general scope document
Recent manufacturing report highlights key issues, predictions and trends.