Ed Spence is the founder and managing director of The Machine Instrumentation Group, a collaborative network of contract engineering service providers with expertise in machine predictive maintenance. Previously, Spence was the marketing manager for Analog Devices MEMS Sensor Technology Group, where he defined the MEMS accelerometer roadmap for vibration-based condition monitoring. Spence has been engaged in the development of sensor solutions since 2008. Spence has published or presented on the subject of sensors and CBM on numerous occasions. Spence serves on the board of The Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology and is a member of the Vibration Institute, The Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals and The Society for Prognostics, Health and Maintenance. Spence also provides volunteer business consulting with nonprofit IBEC Ventures. Ed holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell) and an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT Sloan School of Management. Contact Spence at ed.spence@machineinstrumentation.com, or for more information, visit machineinstrumentation.com.