Scott Branum is the director of Digital Solutions of Evoqua Water Technologies. His water-as-a-service model looks to shift users from product and services to an outcomes-based services.

Craig Truempi is an industrial reliability and service expert, an adjunct professor in data analytics and data visualization at the University of St. Thomas.

Dan Yarmoluk is an adjunct professor in the graduate school of software engineering, data science at the University of St. Thomas. Truempi and Yarmoluk are focused on low-cost high-performance condition monitoring solutions, vibration-as-a-service, asset management and API configuration of sensor to cloud to AI-classification alerting in CMMS systems for capturing value.

Steve Kilts is a cofounder and CEO of Radio Bridge Inc. Kilts has a master’s degree in electrical engineering with an emphasis in high speed computing. He has been published in Neural Networks Magazine for his work on machine learning and has written a book on high speed reconfigurable computing entitled “Advanced
FPGA Design.”