michigan power dam
Previous reports show up to 19 dams in Michigan that presented unsatisfactory conditions.

Experts are beginning to speak out about consequences and perils shown through May’s dam breaks in Michigan. Issues discussed include problems posed by privately owned public infrastructure, those caused by climate change, and other failing infrastructure woes across the country.

Here is a quick roundup of what’s being said. Follow pumpsandsystems.com for more on this story, including coverage of the role pumps are playing in the cleanup.

In this article, Michigan’s governor raises concerns about privately owned dams.

Here, The New York Times explains a November 2019 article that reported on 19 Michigan dams that were in “unsatisfactory conditions and presented high hazards.” A further report said the dams were in danger of breaking “in some cases, [with] even moderate rainfall.” Ultimately, this story calls for more infrastructure dollars.

See the damage caused from higher than a bird’s eye view in this Washington Post report.

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