State of the Industry 2019

Pumps & Systems staff spoke with Jacqueline Boudreau, Director, Product Marketing, and Julie Buscher, VP, Human Resources, at Crane Pumps and Systems about what the company expects in the new year.

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How has the current political climate affected your industry?
Increased budgets for infrastructure improvement is a promising sign for the wastewater industry as a whole. We are excited to see that the government recognized the issues in budgetary constraints that many of our municipal customers face are hope that the increases will allow our customers to make the necessary improvements to their wastewater collection and treatment plants in 2019.
--Jacqueline Boudreau

Is your company (or the ones you serve) putting programs in place to attract young employees? To hold on to retirement-age employees?
We put an apprenticeship program in place to attract early career vocational talent. We are also very proud of our philanthropy and community involvement programs. In some roles, we do consider part time work for retirees.
--Julie Buscher

Has your company added benefits for employee retention?
We have a bonus program for all employees as well as competitive medical and 401k benefits. We intend to focus on providing our employees with the best possible benefits in order to alleviate the stress of the ever-changing landscape of medical insurance.