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1954 API Standard 610 1st Edition is released (with section on mechanical seals).

1957 DuPont commercializes the first fluoroelastomer (Viton A).

Special vibration control products: ultra bushes for mounting astronomic telescopes, 1979. Photo courtesy of Freudenberg. 

1957 Edge welded metal bellows seal is introduced.

1963 Tungsten carbide is used in mechanical seals. 

1965 Fluoroelastomer is used in elastomeric bellows seals.

1967 Alloy C-276 metal bellows seals are introduced.

1971 DuPont commercializes the first high temperature Perfluoroelastomers.

1972 Solid Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide is used in mechanical seals. 

1970s First standard for mechanical seals, European Standard EN 12756 (formally DIN 24960) is developed. 

1976 Standard cartridge seals are introduced into ANSI pumps.

1976 Double balanced primary rings for inboard seals of double (dual) seals are introduced.

1984 Contacting containment face seals are introduced.

1983 A true seal chamber for ANSI pumps is introduced.

1986 Split seals for pumps are introduced.

1980s Sealless pump technology is introduced.

1990 Clean Air Act places limits on fugitive emissions from pumps.

1992 Dual gas seals are introduced for pumps.

1994 API Standard 682 1st Edition is released. 

1996 Modular cartridge seals for ANSI pumps are introduced.

1998 Non-contacting dual dry running mixer seals are introduced.

2007 Diamond coatings on seal faces are commercialized.


Read more about The History of Pumps here.