STAMP Couplings


In the coupling industry, the STAMP acronym is used on a daily basis to determine the best hose or coupling for an application.


What is the minimum outside diameter required for the pump to operate efficiently? Properly sized couplings prevent pump cavitation and increased temperatures under high workloads.


What is the maximum operating temperature? Coupling materials can degrade under extreme pressures. Always make sure to pair the right coupling to the maximum operating temperature of the system.



What application will the coupling will be installed in? Will the coupling system need to be detachable? Is there a high level of vibration or pressure impulse that may cause the coupling to wear out prematurely?



What type of fluid will the coupling be exposed to? Certain volatile chemicals can cause complete failure of a coupling system in a very short amount of time. Always make sure to verify the media being transferred with the manufacturer’s chemical compatibility chart.



What is the maximum pressure of the system? While most industrial coupling systems operate in a low pressure environment, pressure is still very important. Always verify what the maximum system operating pressure is before selecting a coupling.