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Demand in China appears to have already returned to pre-COVID-19 levels

Three experts from John Crane spoke with Pumps & Systems on the impact of COVID-19 plus industry optimism heading into 2021.

Can you tell me if the pandemic has impacted your operations at all and if so, how?

"The pandemic has had a significant impact on our customers, as it has on many others. We have seen major projects either delayed or canceled, across the oil and gas industry. COIVD-19 restrictions have made it challenging to serve our aftermarket business; it is often difficult for our sales and service teams to get on-site, but this has also been a significant differentiator and strategic advantage for John Crane thanks to our unique global footprint and service network."

- John Long, Executive Vice President, Product Line and Operations

What are the positives you’re looking at going into 2021?

"Demand in China appears to have already returned to pre-COVID-19 levels, if not higher. Other countries in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America are also showing positive trends for recovery. In addition, industrial verticals such as pulp & paper and food & beverage have been relatively stable, and pharmaceutical is poised to benefit from increased investment. The positive vaccine news over the last couple of weeks is of course a reason for optimism given its significance."

- Ruben Alvarez, Executive Vice President, Sales and Aftermarket

What do you expect the challenges to look like for your business next year?

"Despite the obvious challenges COVID-19 has created across our industry, we are well-positioned to handle a spike in pent-up demand when COVID-19 is brought under control. Additionally, the actions we have taken through our recent restructuring have focused on enhancing flexibility to withstand end market cyclicality and improve efficiency."

- Alvarez