Choosing fresh water or salt water for a man-made river
Lev Nelik explains water distribution developments in Israel.
Because well pressure declines and flow rate changes throughout the well lifetime, pumps must be versatile.
Orientation of structures and choice of pumps add to the overall efficiency of the strategically planned community.
A tank farm, an airport and one of the region's largest oil and gas companies are using the technology for a variety of applications.
The worldwide abundance of shale oil and natural gas has changed the face of global refined fuels production, and MENA countries stand ready to play an important role.
System features help operators maximize water treatment benefits.
Engineers and manufacturers have worked to develop technologies that address common problems with closed impellers.
Designers can find short- and long-term savings by using a non-traditional approach.
The technology offers efficient scale-free heating, spray drying, powder hydration and functionalization, as well as effective emulsification and gas dispersion.
Using supplemental specifications and upgrading during pump repair provides reliability.
One manufacturer fulfills dewatering and wastewater needs in the underground transportation system.
The easily adjustable technology made one hospital's access to hot water almost instant.