READING, Pa. - Quadrant is now officially Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, effective April 1.

This is a crucial stepping stone in the history of the Quadrant Group, which includes- EPP and CMS- as the name, Mitsubishi Chemical, is part of their new corporate identity, with additional designation. Advanced Materials represents the company’s capabilities, and will allow the company to continue its existence as a group under the umbrella of their parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Product brands will remain unaffected and continue to be used to distribute Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials products under the same specifications into customer channels.

"This name change brings the strengths and potential of two companies together," said Michael Koch, Global CEO, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. "Mitsubishi partnered with the Quadrant Group to leverage their proven track record of generating solutions for customers. Now that the extensive list of products and solutions that Mitsubishi has in their portfolio are available, the company can venture into other market segments and applications that were untouchable before. With this name change, everything is being brought under one roof to customers.”

Quadrant’s identity as a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group has permeated throughout the industry, which is why it is appropriate to make the transition over to Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials.

“The change in name will not change our desire and drive to bring our customers improved service and products to help support profitable growth," said Bernie Willms, North American President. "Our commitment to our partners and our focus to work together is unwavering. We look forward to our future, together.”