CHICAGO - Since 2001, SWPA has awarded scholarships to students affiliated with member companies who are studying in the field of engineering. In 2010, the scholarship was renamed after longtime executive director Charles Stolberg after he passed away.

All six applicants were personally interviewed by SWPA administrative director Carol Stolberg and the executive committee reviewed the applications and the phone interviews with Mrs. Stolberg at the Nov. 13 executive committee meeting. Copies of their essay submittals are available from SWPA Headquarters.

The applicants were:
Jacob Seamans (Ohio Electric Control)
Laura Zelinsky (Xylem)
Cole Swenson (Vaughan)
Doug Shenberger (Ohio Electric Control)
Allison Williams (Liberty Pumps)
Michael Ciacciarella (Grundfos)

The winners are:
Cole Swenson (Vaughan) and Jacob Seamans (Ohio Electric Control).